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Other Specialized Topics / Coinex moves permanently to
« Last post by Coinex on Yesterday at 08:30:56 PM »
We have just sold our domain name to a cryptocurrency exchange. No updates were made to the Coinex site for some time as we opted to develop on and instead.

It is from these sites that all numismatic sales and correspondence will occur.

Our Coinex email addresses are no longer valid with immediate effect, please update your records accordingly with those in the attached graphic.

Thanks for the insight.  I knew their pop reports were never correct but one would think if they are writing about a new variety that coin should be #1 in their census but this does not always seem to be the case.
I can see how that is possible.
IMHO, pic #2 looks like the same die as #3 but worn down and polished. Maybe #2 was reworked.
Correction : did not mean to write restrikes : meant second die states and third die states.   
Fake Chinese Coins / Re: List of fake Chinese coin sellers
« Last post by pandamonium on Yesterday at 08:32:18 AM »
Is this a normal PCGS holder?.....compared to the fake above it looks genuine to me....
Interesting.    If there are 2 restrikes of the 84 silver goldfish then what is actual mintage?      I have seen on ebay - list and sell 3 OMP silver goldfish sets in the last yr (plus graded sets).
How about silver Plate goldfish?    Are there photos to distinguish real silver from Plate?     Was this info on another CCF post?

How about this 1980 Chinese Exhibition horse w/ swallow photo in PF 66?     3 piece set w/ Handshake and Bao He Palace.     Probably not, but is this hand engraved dies?      Ebay photo.....
There are coins missing from the pop reports.  Every year I find coins that when you do cert look up coin isn't present even though I submitted it for grading myself.  The most common missing coins are when you send in a coin for relabeling, often the entire invoice is missing.  Other times I have seen it is during show grading, coins simply don't show up.  Whenever I notice this I send NGC a picture and they add it to the pop report.  I remember buying 20+ coins from Nick B back in 2008, when I went home to add them to registry none of them existed, I sent NGC picture and they added not only the coins I sent them but the entire invoice from which the coins came from.  The images weren't uploaded, just cert look up and numbers in pop reports.  As general rule I assume the pop reports are 95% accurate. 
There are important differences between original 1984 Goldfish  (Mr Yi Shizhong ) which can help determine whether it's desired Silver, or just plated.  First die state (both brass and silver) DragonEyes have full water plant. (Pic1).  First Re-strikes have missing branch (pic 2) and second restrikes have repaired branch ( pic 3). Cheap silver plated do not have full branch version (except cheap gold gilded, oddly).  If medal is silver and Dragon Eyes has full branch (pic 1)  then it is original first die state Silver, without flaw and rare and valuable.  All three die states exist with original 1984 Goldfish.  There was once some bogus conjecture offered by a discredited poster that a flawless 1984 did not exist and that is why they were somehow not given due attention over Pagoda medal, but that is clearly erroneous.  Indeed- flawless 1984 original die state, with full water plant, does exist. See photos. Happy hunting!

** credit to FWang and others for photos and research.
Fake Chinese Coins / Re: List of fake Chinese coin sellers
« Last post by poconopenn on October 16, 2017, 08:23:48 PM »


Yes, all three coins listed by "suny99baobei" are low quality reproduction in fake holders.

Here is the link to pictures of all PCGS holders since 1986.

IMO, many of raw coins listed by this seller are also reproduction.

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