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It was a difficult things to send coin to NCS or NGC a few years ago. And private submission to NGC had suffered large loss, $30k+ value at NY post exchange centre in 2011 due to theft at some point along process in postal system. With NGC's move in mainland market and year long presence in Shanghai, things changes quite dramatically. A full set of PF69UC silver Ancient discovery 1992-1996 has now lost a lot in the trading price. I remember the days it was about $7000, but much less now.

I suspects that some key panda these days are getting cheaper in China comparing to the US market. Might be time for people to sell panda coins from Hong Kong...
So you said coins from the original sheet can come out as 67 and even 66. Have them went through NCS?
Modern Chinese Coins / Re: 1995 100 Yuan "TANG TAIZONG" 1oz Aurum
« Last post by Rarityhunter on Today at 12:41:43 PM »
The price for a whole set is quite solid. But individual coins varies, the pagonda and the Beijing Opera ones are hard to find.
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: NCS thoughts
« Last post by KeyDate1/2ozPandas on Today at 12:56:06 AM »
It is pretty simple, if you want to sell your coins to a dealer, then OMP is best, if you want to sell your coins to a collector then NGC MS69 or MS70 is best, if it grades MS67 or MS68 you are back to selling to a dealer. 

90% of my purchases are OMP coins, 5% are PCGS MS69 coins (which I crack out and submit raw to NGC) and 5% are NGC MS69 which I reholder at NGC or get conserved, since most graded coins that collectors sell have eye appeal problems.  The reason I prefer to buy OMP is many graded coins that are sold to dealers suffer from toning, hazing, frost breaks, scratched holders, so why bother paying any premium for coins that collectors are often selling simply, because they looks bad.  If I have MS69 coin that looks bad I sell it to a dealer, while collectors get my nicest coins, because they plan to look at the coin and someday when they decide to sell I want to buy back nice coins not the reject MS69 coins.
The auction results were surprisingly good, I was expecting a bloodbath considering this show was not well attended compared to Stacks April and August shows.  I bid on 34 items, won 1 coin (1/2 gold panda) and was the underbidder on many of the gold panda items.  If I hadn't bought so much in April and early May, I would have pushed prices up another bid increment on all the MS69 1/2 gold pandas. 

For those that haven't figured out that 1/2 will be the keys for future master sets, this auction was a great opportunity to buy at prices within 10% of dealer wholesale prices. 
Chinese Numismatic Events / Re: Heritage Auctions- June 21-23, 2017
« Last post by bonke on Yesterday at 09:47:42 PM »
I was bidding on the 5oz gold lunars.  The coins sold within the expected price range and were good buys for longer term collectors.  Probably, they were too expensive for dealers or investors with a short time horizon.  The prices of the larger lunar gold coins have been in the decline for 6 or 7 years.  [Caveat.  My opinion is based upon my personal observations and are not based upon the collection and analysis of each and every sale during the past few years.  Just my own impression as a collector.]

Mark Bonke
China Imperial & Republic / Re: 1911 China coin to see is to believe
« Last post by linlaujiou on Yesterday at 09:24:50 PM »
1.   首發錢幣真相……1900庚子京局製造光緒元寶七錢二分.兩版圖文細節諸多不同.請自行比對.
2.   刻制幣模. 斗膽搞破相觸犯龍顏的也只有洋人.清末造假.沒這等狗膽.近現代造假.沒這等智商.
3.   真假幣最大的差異在於龍圖立體感的呈現.真幣龍首仿若飛天迎面而來.
4.   A.B兩版龍圖12點鐘方向背面中文字相同.邊齒型態一致.
5.   驗證歷史.保真機制.非賣品.撿漏當撿如此漏
Chinese Numismatic Events / Heritage Auctions- June 21-23, 2017
« Last post by Mirkkanen on Yesterday at 08:22:59 PM »
The first auctions ended last night. Some gold pandas were being offered up and I'm curious as to whether anyone here was bidding. Coins I was watching included . . .

1990 1/2
1991 1/2
1992 1/2
1994 1/2 (×2)
1995 1/10 (×5+)
1998 1/2
1999 1/4
2000 1/2
2001 1/2
2002 1/2
2003 1/2
2005 1/2

Most sold in the expected ranges, no big surprises or strong prices IMO.

Some 1994 1/4 are ending in 1.5 days, I believe.
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: NCS thoughts
« Last post by Mirkkanen on Yesterday at 06:19:42 PM »
There are many buyers on this forum who sell to (or "help") the master set builders. You have access to both types of buyers here.
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: NCS thoughts
« Last post by tater on Yesterday at 06:14:13 PM »
I have no access to master builders.  I would have to sell a demestic buyer.
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