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Chinese Panda Coins / Re: 1992 Gold Panda proof set
« Last post by Mirkkanen on Yesterday at 06:10:48 PM »
Can you post a link to that auction? I'd love to browse the recently ended auction results. Thanks in advance!
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: 1992 Gold Panda proof set
« Last post by KeyDate1/2ozPandas on Yesterday at 05:21:01 PM »
There was similar graded set in stacks auction this morning that went for around $13.2K. 
Chinese Panda Coins / Re: 1992 Gold Panda proof set
« Last post by Birdman on Yesterday at 05:18:54 PM »
On E-Bay there is a 1992 Gold Panda Proof Set for sale $11,376.00 is this a good price?

One sold at the recent stacks auction, so you have a recent comp.  I haven't looked at the eBay offering, but try to determine if it is a pristine set that has been sitting in a safe for 15 yrs, or is a rough condition set that has been passed between many dealers.  If you can get a pf69 for the 1/4 oz, that would be important.
I have been to the WMF 2017.
At the Macau Desk I was told that the tri-metal Panda is at this day not for sale and while I talked to ChampionHK I recognized that the hostess gave those medals as a present to some visitors.

I also was part of the ceremony at Berlin. I don't know a lot of the few people who stayed there but I think it was clear that at this day nobody would get any coin.
All coins were supposed to be handed out on another day.

I don't know a lot about actually medals and the market around this coins , because I am more interested in older chinese coins.
But if you talk about modern german coins it is usually said that the mintage is to high, so nobody wants the coins and medals.
So the Panda should be much more better than that, isn't it.
At the day of the ceremony I was also part of a discussion about medals at all. And of course there are dealers who only try to make money with the collectors.
ChampionHK was the only one who fighted for high quality and a mintage which reach the collectors.

I is clear that nobody wants to pay thousands of euros for coins but if you want to have some good ones, you have to pay more than 100 euros and it doesn't depend one your special interests of coins.

After all, have all the critical collectors recognized what ChampionHK has done for the sino german friendship?

You can find the donation of the otto beh dies at for everybody who is interested. You find all the pictures of the Krüger Collection there too. All the pictures you find where only possible because ChampionHK made a big donation to the museum. And finally the Journal of East Asian Numismatics which made an exchange of all the information possible.

As a collector you should know, that a complete collection is usually not possible or very expensive since there are some exclusive coins in every complete collection.

Chinese Panda Coins / 1992 Gold Panda proof set
« Last post by Mak007 on Yesterday at 02:20:28 PM »
On E-Bay there is a 1992 Gold Panda Proof Set for sale $11,376.00 is this a good price?
I am glad to see 1995 1/2 come out as that allows more master sets to be made and search for other coins raise all boats. 
A nicer (no red spots) 1995 1/2 NGC 69 sold on Greatcollections Sunday night for a little over $18,000 including 10% buyers premium.
@Championhk: Is a very old-school approach to rant and ask for names if you run out of arguments. In fact, weren't you insinuating that you already knew very well about the identity of anybody was participating in this discussion ("active market players"). Now you continues to blame "professional writers" for this? Who's next?

I am glad to see that the other participants of this discussion were indeed interested in all information that I collected, and could pretty easily draw their own conclusion. I feel very annoyed by the fact that you try to portrait discussion as a battle between good (=you) and bad (=some anonymous dealers who benefit from your medals).

@KeepOnTrying: I thank you a lot for your comment, which brings the discussion back to it's original focus and also makes clear that this whole discussion here is not very helpful to build trust.
Um interesting a german friend who also read the post of Berlinpanda brings up a very interesting issue? Berlinpand's usage of English words are very different from the typical german , did Berlinpanda study in the us or went to an English school? Obvious his English is much better than me as I am not a native English speaker?

A Chinese friend was also very impressed by Berlinpanda's English skills , the only german person I know wth English skills close to Berlinpanda is sebastien an editor of munzen review who also contributed artIcles in English for my journal on the german coin market , past articles  submitted from our German friends required our English editor from Canada to make some revisions , but Berlinpanda is quite good at expressions in a non native language with local usage, maybe Berlinpanda is also a professional writer?  We are now all wondering the true identity of Berlinpanda after the feedback from german ,Chinese , and American readers of his post. No matter what we feel about the show pandas ,  we should all thank Berlinpanda that we have now much more information about the show pandas and we can feel his passion about the 2017 Berlin pandas!

When I travel to Germany again, , I will communicate his opinion to my German counterparts  we are excited to have feedback from a true collector who is passionate about the Berlin panda! Perhaps he can sent me a communication in german which I can forward and it  will be easier for them to understand?

These are unfortunate comments but in line with what I have seen being done in this hobby since I started collecting. The veneer of respectability tends to wear off fast!

When I started collecting Chinese coins I quickly built up the traditional fare including the date set silver panda coins, historical, inventions and discoveries and the gold panda coins and so on.

Somewhere along the line I discovered panda medals and found them more exciting but with time saw that the “excitement” was as a result of the MASSIVE HYPE surrounding these medals. And the hype did not come from one source only.

I have seen my ardor cool off over time as I do not relish being repeatedly taken for a ride by individuals who turn out not to have any interest in nurturing long term medal collection, and this refers not only to sponsors but to other middle men and conflicted participants.

This is quite a pity because the varying designs and innovative minting technology used in producing medals confer a lot of eye appeal.

I hope that this area of collection gets cleaned up with time so that people who collect medals can be confident they are not loading up with useless pieces of metallic junk.

Until then everyone should be cautious; the contents of this thread alone provide ample warning. I am however not telling anyone what to collect. Unfortunately, it is only with time and repeated bad experience that people become better collectors.
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