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What's wrong with this picture?

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What's wrong with this picture?

"2001 1 oz Gold Chinese Panda Coin - Sealed in Plastic
Buy with confidence from APMEX on eBay!"

Soft plastic pouch looks to be 80s circa seal. Tight and close to the coin. Re-seal?

Yes, wrong plastic for 2001.
It's either a reseal, or a photoshop (which Apmex has oddly, been known do to in the past)

("Buy with confidence from APMEX on eBay!")  

Foot: meet self-shot bullet


after market

97, 2000, 2001


So the lack of obvious "ironed" sealed edge means someone now has replicated the old seal patterns in a sealing machine?

If so, buyers of OMP now need to be on the alert and now confirm other subtle clues confirming the integrity of OMP coins.

Implications are that a coin may have been once submitted for grading, received a lower than desired grade, and now seller is trying to "recycle" and pass off as pristine / (not yet graded) a coin in an intentionally misleading / fraudulent plastic mint wrap


From WG : " fake folie"


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