Author Topic: Bronze Ware Set 2 Prices Differ due to Sizes  (Read 1508 times)

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Bronze Ware Set 2 Prices Differ due to Sizes
« on: July 30, 2013, 01:19:07 AM »
It is the hottest season of the year in Shanghai, with high-temperature days hitting the record high, while the coin markets have few customers. 

As few new investors join the coin market, deals apparently decreases, the old, rare and precious coin prices are fluctuating around the low prices, with no sign of stepping out of the mire. Collectors have to continue to patiently wait and see.

The bronze ware set 2’s market performances are different based on different sizes. The 5 oz silver once dropped to the historical low of RMB5300 Yuan and quickly rebounded, with the updated market price of RMB5600 Yuan. Its sharp rise and drop since the release has drew a lot of investors’ attentions. So, more deals are closed for the 5 oz than most of other coins that fail to have such good performance. For example, the 1 kg silver coin price declines to around RMB10500 Yuan. The performances for other coins are also inferior.

The performances of lunar coins are much more inferior than before, and fluctuating around low prices, due to its ever increasing types and mintage. Take the 5 oz colored silver coin for example, the updated market price for the 5 oz colored silver lunar snake is merely RMB3000 Yuan, quite lower than the issue price. In spite of this, the buying offers are few. The 5 oz colored lunar dragon coin is now just over RMB5000 Yuan. The 5 oz lunar tiger performance is just so so, with the updated the price of RMB28000 Yuan.