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ONCE AGAIN, This popular and supposedly "reputable" seller from China is selling rewrapped in WRONG mint wrapper, high-priced Pandas. He should know better!!!!!.  >:(

1984 1oz silver panda - eBay (item 250677904084 end time Aug-08-10 07:04:14 PDT)  

Could you identify what aspect of the pouch seems inauthentic?

This Panda was REWRAPPED in Shenyang mint vinyl wrapper. Maybe someone can copy and paste a photo in the Forum for all to see before it disappears from ebay. 1983-1985 silver Panda Proofs were manufactured only at Shanghai Mint and are in Shanghai Mint vinyl pouches which have a different identifying pattern on the outside edges of the wrapper. This rewrapping business can be an indication that the coin was previously submitted for grading and received a low grade. The owner/dealer then decided it would be more profitable to REWRAP and sell as untouched "raw" sealed coin. In my opinion, this is a very unscrupulous and unethical business practice. Some sellers may be unknowingly selling these rewrapped coins, however, some others know exactly what they are doing in order to turn a buck! Moral of the story--buyer beware and educated in all facets!!!!

Here is a photo of a 1983 silver Panda in the correct plastic pouch. I have also saved a full copy of the eBay page for reference if it is needed.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony

RIGHT-ON Peter.  :thumbup: Thank you for posting photo.


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