Author Topic: Bronze Ware Coin Set Two to Be Released in May  (Read 1788 times)

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Bronze Ware Coin Set Two to Be Released in May
« on: May 09, 2013, 02:04:15 AM »
The bronze era of China begins in 3000 BC, which goes through Xia, Shang, Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn, Warring-state periods, down to Qin and Han Dynasties, spanning over 3000 years. As the treasure of China, the bronze ware represents the smelting and casting techniques and the advanced bronze ware culture of pre-Qin periods, with high artistic and historic values, which even can be regarded classic among bronze wares world wide. People’s Bank of China released the three sets of Chinese unearthed relics (bronze ware) gold and silver coins in 1981, 1992, and 1993. It restarted the bronze ware series program in 2002 to satisfy collector’s demand that were not met in the previous release for limit on mintage and techniques of the coins. After the coin release on August 31st of the year, a nation wide bronze ware coin collecting and bronze ware history exploration heat was spurred nation wide.  

According to the precious metal commemorative coin issue plan, the bronze ware coin set two (totally five coins) will be released in May, with mintage and weights similar with set one. Set two inherits set one in design and style and gives a new interpretation of the historic and aesthetic values of the ancient bronze wares. As is known to all, bronze wares are categorized into various groups such as tools, weapons, components, ritual dishes, decorative articles, and there are numerous bronze wares, which can be called state treasures. It is very hard to select several from the tens of thousands of bronze wares to be representative that can fully display their arts on coins. After workshop of experts, five bronze wares were presented on the gold and silver coins of five different sizes. I am convinced that the coins will be popular with collectors after their release.

As the release date is drawing over, sales of the bronze ware set one increase. Many collectors who would like to collect the whole bronze ware series are enthusiastic in buying the set one in the slack period of the gold and silver coin market, making good preparation for collecting the whole series.
Recently, many senior collectors who have been collecting the coins for a long period are booking the bronze ware set two coins. They often ignore the fluctuation of the market and only take collecting a hobby that brings happiness and knowledge. It is reported that, with the falling of gold price, many investors bought gold and silver products and take them as important wealth protection tools. As the result, the collector groups do not shrink but grow steady, in spite of the slack market,