Author Topic: Common Circulated Commemorative Coin Prices Soared after the Spring Festival  (Read 2769 times)

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The common circulated commemorative coin prices rose sharply after the spring festival.
It is reported that, the prices of common circulated commemorative coin, represented by the lunar ones, suddenly soared, after the spring festival, with some even rose 50 percent. And the prices have been keeping rising by now.  
According to the Mr. Bai, the dealer of Wanshou Second-hand Goods and Antique Market, some people from other provinces began to acquire the coins on Mar. 12 (The third day of the first month of the Chinese lunar year of 2013, when Chinese people were still having the spring festival holiday). The common commemorative coins seemed to rise before the spring festival and this trend was tremendous after the holiday.
It is reported that, the lunar and heads of the state coins had the best performance, among the circulated coins. For example, the lunar snake coin released before the spring festival, which once fell to RMB7.9 Yuan, is now RMB12 Yuan. However, its market performance is still inferior to other lunar coins. The lunar dragon coin was RMB14 Yuan yesterday (compared to RMB8 Yuan before the spring festival), the rabbit coin RMB32 Yuan (compared to RMB22 Yuan before the spring festival), the rat coin RMB95 Yuan (compared to RMB58 Yuan before the spring festival), the dog coin RMB78 Yuan (compared to RMB50 Yuan before the spring festival). Prices of the above coins have risen more than 50%. The lunar goat coin prices also rose from RMB210 Yuan to the present RMB290 Yuan.
Heads of the state coins also have good performances. For example, the Chen Yun coin price rose from RMB15 Yuan to the present RMB25 Yuan, Deng Xiaoping coin rose from RMB30 Yuan to RMB45 Yuan, Zhu De coin rose from RMB35 Yuan to RMB80 Yuan, nearly doubling the previous.

Increasing popularity and poured-in money

Some senior collector explained that, the sudden boom of the coin market after the spring festival was because investors prepared to push the coin market after the opening of the market after the spring festival, and the pouring of money into the market accelerated the boom. The circulated commemorative coins have been dormant for years and it is not surprising to be chosen by the investors.
According to some senior collectors, the circulated commemorative coins have relatively low investment threshold as they are not made of precious metals, and their prices are only tens of Yuan. The popularity of the lunar coins is due to the theme, and the increase of the mintage.
It is known, the mintage of the first lunar goat coin is 10,000,000, while the mintage of the lunar ox increases to 30,000,000, and the mintage of the lunar dragon to 80,000,000.
Due to the large mintage, the coins are bought by more and more people and thus have a large collector base. As most collectors want to have a full set, the whole set of lunar coins are becoming more and more popular. The relative transparent mintage information, compared to the stamp, makes investors confident in coin investment.
“The lunar coin series will be complete after the issuance of the lunar horse coin, next year”, a senior collector of Shamen explained. Since lunar coins are favored by domestic collectors, further over speculation may be occurred after the release of the lunar horse coin.
The biggest risk of collectors may be fakery. The senior collector suggested collectors to be cautious when buying coins.