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TUTORIAL: How to avoid being a bad SELLER

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Yep, that golden rule is... golden :)

"treat people the way you'd like to be treated."

Thaqnks for the posting... I am thinking of selling the coins I have posted on here for sale on this site... can you offer me any suggestions on selling on this site?

A good seller includes an invoice with his shipment. The invoice should include a line by line entry for each item. Each item should be described and the price paid. The seller should include his name and address. Please also include the buyer's and address.

It takes little effort to create a professional looking invoice and is a ready reference should the buyer choose to buy more items from you.

A copy of an eBay generated invoice meets the minimum requirement.

This post should pin to top and every seller on here should read this before listing their items.

A forum member just send me a coin with cert no different from the one talked during the conversation.
It is sad that seller do not ask for my consent and make decision on his own.

Silver bullion boy:
Very well put, business is a serious matter and should be treated that way!


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