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That's the one I'd like to have on my shelf...once it's translated ...maybe by fwang2450?

Re: Huang Ruiyong's "Three Little Dragons" and "Five Golden Flowers"
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Is this the same author "Huang Rui Yong" of Sheng Shi Feng Ya Song? I found this book on http://www.studychineseculture.com/book.asp?id=5144 by him (that's one of the very few sites I found which can ship directly from China to US with PayPal). Has anyone read it? Is it any good? Does it have lots of pictures like these 3 dragons and 5 flowers mentioned here?

Yes. That is the same author. Huang is as famous as Ge in China, but writes more about MCC and is known as the "high priest" of MCC because of his relentless effort to spread the MCC culture in China. Sheng Shi Feng Ya Song (Ode to Grace in a Prosperous Time) is a must read for MCC collectors, as it spells out approaches for beginners, intermediate collectors and top collectors. It has tons of information with pictures, such as discussion on patterns. The problem is that it is in Chinese only.

Two more books for today.

Eight books posted and no one have any books to share?

Here are Mr. Anthony and Mr. Ge's books.

Panda Halves:
Books 1:

Panda Halves:
Books 2


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