Author Topic: America Lost 129,000 Millionaires in 2011  (Read 1600 times)

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America Lost 129,000 Millionaires in 2011
« on: May 31, 2012, 05:01:43 PM »

Back in August 2011, you wrote IMO one of your best pieces (see below) and this article which should not be a surprise to us all shows the trend. It is IMO a trend that will quickly accelerate as time goes on.


"Unfortunately, all Western women I know really need their husband to have a nice car, even if he doesn't actually need a car at all, or can't even afford one. It's that kind of strange feminist excess that has doomed the West to financial collapse.

The most I ever spent on a car was $450. People thought I was poor, when I actually had more money than the entire neighborhood combined. Today, having zero debt and zero wealth can actually make you the richest guy in town in most places in America. But, Americans measure "success" through conspicuous consumption, mostly due to the feminist influence.

Remember the crash of 1929? When did the feminist movement start in America? That's right...

The same pattern has repeated throughout history. When the women masculinize ("feminist" is a misnomer), the society is doomed, since every society revolves around its women, and shares their destiny. If they become greedy, the entire society becomes greedy. If they become generous, the entire society becomes generous.

The whole raison d'etre of feminism is "power", and their perceived lack of it. Their real problem is that they're blind (and greedy). Women are, and always have been, the gravity of humanity. The subtle force that no one notices, but is always there, and always wins, no matter what other forces are temporarily at work.

So, it's no coincidence that a Western feminine penchant for debt is the exact thing that is bringing down the whole of Western civilization. God couldn't have smited it better himself.

The East's respect for family, tradition, and balance is the sole reason they're surpassing the West, and the reason we're investing in them. Feminists ridicule non-Western societies as "patriarchal", and portray them to their impressionable followers as oppressive to women. They never once mention the dragon & phoenix, the yin & yang, etc. Eastern culture is about balance. It doesn't matter what culture or society we're talking about - whenever there's ever an imbalance between men and women, a lack of unified purpose and cooperation - the entire civilization enters a decline.

My money goes to the East."