Author Topic: 1914 Fat Man Chop Mark Medallion for Hollywood Movie Hangover 3  (Read 1921 times)

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Hollywood Chops
 A year ago the media covered the Mike Tyson Tattoo versus the Ed Helms Hangover 2 parody tattoo and the court battle was on. Yes, the distinguishing facial tattoo was one that had the signature look. Now a coin has surfaced that has many of the facial chop marks cues that some would argue are the famous tattoo’s dead ringer. Will this 1914 Fat Man Dollar open the controversy once more. Does the fat man facial chop have a distinctive look of a Mike Tyson by S. Victor Whitmill. Will Hangover 3 producers court the coin’s anonymous owner behind the scenes and turn this coin into a blockbuster movie necklace medallion? Could there be a bidding war for this future unique Hollywood Chop at Heritage Collectables. The answers to the above questions springs to life the slow lane world of coin chop marks. The obscure world where the numismatist specially would catch the paparazzi blind sided.
by Chinese Carl