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Adding NGC Banners or regular signatures to all your CCF posts


Panda Halves:
10 steps to add signature banners from NGC: just follow steps 1-10
To create a regular signature skip steps 1-5 and follow steps 6-10

To copy signature from NGC:
1. Sign into your NGC acocunt
2. Go to "Control Panel"
3. Under the "Competitive Sets" or "Custom Sets" tab pick the set you want to use as a banner signature.
4. In the far right column click on the blue underlined word "Sig"
5. Select the entire box of text and "copy" the entire box as your signature.

To use signature on CCF:
6. Log into CCF
7. Click "Profile" tab at the top of the page
8. Left side select "Forum Profile Information"
9. Paste text in "Signature" box if you are adding a banner from steps 1-5.
*If you aren't adding a banner then simply type in what you want to appear at the bottom of all your posts as a signature.
10. Click "Change Profile"

Again, if you simply want to write in something to appear as your signature on the bottom of all of your posts then simply skip steps 1-5 and proceed to steps 6-10.


How do you have 2 Ngc banners show up in your signature?


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