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Panda Halves:
Yes, seller au3000 has several gems for sale at ridiculous prices. Sellers like this are horrible. Inexperienced sellers and buyers see coins offered for 3 to 7 times market price and think their coins are worth more than they are. That is the difference between what coins are offered at and what they actually sell at. I notice he also quotes Jay from rare panda coins in a dishonest auction. This sucks on several levels. People should not give business to this kind of seller. But hey, the dishonestly priced 1/10 gold 2001 coin is 5% off for a limited time only! If you wait too long it will be back over $25,000. What a joke.

Steve Beverly:
China Panda Gold and Silver Coins Hardcover Book

Wow... I got one of those on my bookshelf. The pricing on anything Panda
related sometimes astounds me.


--- Quote from: babycyt23 on April 17, 2011, 07:56:30 AM ---http://cgi.ebay.com/ANOTHER-NGC-ERROR-2001-GOLD-PANDA-PROOF-LIKE-CHINA-/350456363652?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5198d3ba84#ht_2055wt_954

Check this out... another unhonest seller

--- End quote ---
I wouldn't say he's necessarily dishonest, just opportunistic and fishing for clueless whales. If anyone buys this coin, they are :(1)- Rich and Insane, (2)-  Rich  with nothing else to  buy but oddities they don't understand (see #1),  3) Rich and know something we don't. If this coin sell's (it won't) I'm gonna list my recently mislabeled (1 oz gold LD 96 that is actually a SD ) for 1,000,000.00. If I get any takers (I won't) I'm moving to Hawaii to harass KJ. Go see Soul Surfer-great flick!!  


well if this manages to sell at the starting bid, I will list mine for USD 1 100000

The seller makes some statements about the rarity of the 1998 Large Date Pandas that strike me as questionable. For instance, how did he arrive at the less than 600 mintage for the 50 Yuan coin? I am also not in agreement that the 10 Yuan is the rarest of all 1/10 oz. Panda varieties. In any case it is an outstanding set of coins he is selling.

Best wishes,
Peter Anthony


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