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1987 God of Longevity 3.3 oz PF69UC on Auction!

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I know everyone is probably watching this, but if not, this is a great looking piece. I have noticed that two of these have popped up for sale since I bought one last week. These are supposed to be fairly rare, so maybe the new high prices are inspiring sellers. Gotta ask your self one question, what will the price be in another year or two. I'm watching this one very close. Of all the early silver medals, this has great eye (and Chinese cultural) appeal. In the long run, rarity and eye appeal are up there as far as desirability goes. The medals are still the ugly stepchild, get em before they get love.


Full disclosure-I'm bidding this Auction...

Actually, I've been following the market on these closely. There is a large hoard of these that are coming to market, which is increasing awareness of them, and counter-intuitively also driving prices up.

By the way, this is the perfect example of how slowdowns are actually a matter of supply, not demand. The market for these coins has been slow because there was no supply. Now that there's supply, the market for them is speeding up. This is an ideal sign of an incredibly strong market.

Oh, whoops, I meant to say this about the god of war and wealth. I guess I've been looking at coins too long today. But, interestingly, the same thing is still true. The god of war and wealth coin is part of the same series as the god of longevity, so the abundance of those is driving awareness and prices up on the god of longevity coins.


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