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20 years ago China started making great strides to become a manufacturing global powerhouse.  In early 2020 everyone believed this dominance would continue into the next decade, but Covid, shipping constraints, and continuing lockdowns has put future dominance into serious jeopardy.  The trend now is on shoring, which for US means bring manufacturing back to US, Mexico and Canada.  Demand for Mexico industrial buildings is at record levels with record development occurring.  With this in mind I am expanding my focus into Mexican coins.  Below are pics of 2017 and 2018 BU Libertad Kilos, take a look at their mintage numbers (200 and 500) and for small premium over melt these seem like a steal right now.  Someday they could trade at 5-10x melt.  Today there are fewer than 200 collectors that can afford a $1000 coin, so market has a long way before it matures.

I collect Libertads, Gold and Silver sets, but not consecutive year offerings. They are quite interesting. Unlike the Pandas their design doesn’t change often. They have been talking of a design change for almost 10 years now. Mintage figures are not known until the end of the year. At times it is a BU coin that gains more value compared to the proof coin; at other times the reverse is the case. The 2014 gold fractional set is currently one of the most valuable.
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Mexico is very safe, it is propaganda that doesn't want you to spend your tourist dollars over there so they create an illusion of fear.  I know people that operate real estate in Mexico City and they consider Chicago more dangerous. Chicago has 80 murders every 45 days.  I try to take the family to Cancun once a year, even during covid years. 

Somebody needs to create a marketing program for US Hispanic community, it doesn't take much to mop up 500 mintage coins.  I also think Mexico's currency will outperform the USD over the next 10 years. 

I hope nobody fell for the 8% a month UST and Terra Luna Ponzi scheme this week.  A coin collector explained this opportunity to me last fall, he said I could earn 100% annualized risk-free, I didn't believe him despite his account increasing 10-15% a month without any trading, just buy and hold.  From Monday to Friday he lost $700K, almost his entire net worth.  It was too good to be true and in a few days, investors in those risk-free stable coins lost $60B.

I would never travel to Mexico as Charlie Min documentaries and online photos show many innocent dead in gruesome
fashion.  Will not travel to Chicago, NY, California, Southern States, Portland OR or Seattle WA.  Even our Governor of OR was voted the worst of all 50 states.  Our oil, diesel is shipped to Europe.  Our food to China.  Our baby formula to the border.  More debt too to destroy our economy/USD.  All planned.   Watch "2000 mules"....