Author Topic: WW2 Overprint on 1,000 Yuan note from Central Reserve Bank of China  (Read 437 times)

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I visited the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, UK yesterday where I found this note on display. I was very jealous as I collect Chinese note from WW2 and this would fit into my collection very nicely but I’m afraid they are too rare and too expensive for me.

It was designed for use in Hong Kong after liberation from the Japanese and is catalogued as P.319 and an overprint on a Central Reserve Bank of China P.J32 The arrival of new notes from Britain meant however were never used. After the Japanese surrender in August 1945 it was decided to remove the Japanese Occupation Currency from circulation as quickly as possible. It was decided by the Military Administration to overprint the 1000 Yen note as ONE Dollar, the 1000 Yuan notes as FIVE DOLLARS and the 5000 Yuan notes as TEN DOLLARS. The Overprinting and numbering was done by Ye Olde Printerie, however before these notes could be released Government Notes printed in the UK arrived. These overprints were held in the vaults of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation until February 1946 when they were burned. Records show 2.4 million $5 notes were overprinted.