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[FS] 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars (24 Available)

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Selling 2021 Morgan S,D,P mint marks, as well as Peace dollars. Have six each in original boxes with certificates, would like to get $105 each. Ideally would like to sell all 24 as one lot.

UPS or USPS shipping included if all 24 taken at same time.

Thank you!

If you got CC I can use those. 

I would be interested in a sealed box of three CC dollars if you have them.


Already sold them.  I am not collecting any of this stuff it is just a quick flip.  I have handled 50+ pieces in the last two weeks and I have yet to actually see one of the coins, I just open boxes and merge them and never even verify that coin is inside the black box.

Offers welcome, motivated to let these go. Thanks everyone!


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