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How was the Long Beach Expo (Sept. 30-Oct. 2)?

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I went to the dealer setup day and looked around for modern Chinese material. Outside of North Bay Rare Coins and Nam Chong there wasn't a lot. Mish International did not attend and that removed a major player in modern coins. The single coin I saw and wanted had an asking price that was way more than I wanted to pay. There was one big, big bargain shared with me, but that was an expensive European coin! The happy buyer will easily triple his money on that one.

Attendance the first open day for the public was 2,000 by mid-afternoon and it continued strong all the way through Saturday afternoon.

I was involved in at least half a dozen discussions about the Stack's-Bowers Hong Kong auction results. Dealers were gaga over some prices. The mood among them is that Chinese coin prices, including Pandas, are going up and they are in no mood to discount current inventory.

I will write more about the event and the market in China Pricepedia, but that's the gist of it – an active show.

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Thank you all for the quick insights on the show, and I look forward to the more detailed discussion in Pricepedia.

I almost went to long beach but instead had someone else pick up inventory for me.  It was a great show and in retrospect, I should have gone to it.  There is so much pent-up demand for people to spend money.  There was supply that was waiting for this show to happen.  One thing I have noticed is those who attend these shows are there to do business.  I agree this is bad time to lower prices, once something is sold it will take a while to replace and even longer to it through grading.  I figure right now any coin I sell today will take me at least 6 months to replace (acquisition plus grading), so much easier to just to hold until price gets your sell price.

Clark Smith:
It was a good show.   Hundreds of people stormed in Thursday morning.

Is the next major show the F.U.N. Convention in Orlando, Florida from Jan 6-9?  Do you suspect most of the major US dealers in Chinese coins will be there?  Is that too far East for the mainland Chinese dealers to travel?  Or, were the mainland dealers even at the Long Beach Expo, or did Covid quarantine rules prevent them?  I definitely am considering going to the show to buy and sell.


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