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German Post vs FedEx to US


I made a purchase from what seems to be a large, reputable dealer in Germany via MA Shops.  I am told that shipping via German Post to the USA is included in the price and is estimated to take 4 weeks.  I can apparently pay extra for FedEx for about $80 and the shipping time is about 1 week.  Any thoughts?  Are there any other variables to consider besides paying more to receive it quicker?  Thanks.

Mail from China is very slow now, 2 to 3 months instead of 1 month i am told by dealer in China...

A member answered my question about tariff from China purchase "formal custom entry" says $2,500 begins the tax so lower priced items are ignored...

Rueters  "Asia gold China markets buzz as buyers seek cover from Evergrande risk".     Many articles say the Chinese are now avoiding real estate, stocks, etc... and are buying jewelry, bullion and probably Chinese numismatics.   What took so long?

Screenshot of graph from Reddit Wall Street Silver.  China about 75%  USA about 28% Real estate share of household wealth...

jsmineset   scroll down, many good articles.....

Clark Smith:
Choose Fedex and it will arrive quickly.  Post office shipping can take way more time than estimated.

Standard post which is through USPS is taking about 3 weeks, while Fed-ex is under a week if the declared value is less than $800, if higher than it can get stuck in customs for few days to a week.  I have been receiving USPS fine and found it is not worth the extra money, but at the same time I am taking responsibility for the package once it is dropped off at the PO.

Thank you all for your insights.


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