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2004 Ninbo Port Group silver


NGC has 1 graded pop PF 69.   The Ningbo Port shut down and got attention world wide.   I doubt demand for this rare medal will go up.   Have no intentions of selling it for a few bucks on others misery.   Posted it sometime ago but looks like it got erased.

Never know when some of these unknown medals i collect (and many others collect) will be noticed.   They are dirt cheap and very low NGC pop so how can anyone lose in the long run?   When the well known coins/medals are in strong hands, the market will turn its attention to these unknown, low mint medals.   Most were probably melted.  It makes collecting fun....

In case you are curious about some of these unknown medals, look them up.    The Ningo Port is China's oldest deep water port.   More info on line for those that want to learn.   The seller garbage canned the box/coa so he did not know exact mintage number but said it is very low....

Ningbo Port is on world news as it is in shutdown.  Big impact on world supplies.  Search many articles about it.  This is the only MCC medal/coin i know of that is about Ningbo Port.   The world is now aware of this deep water port...

Probably little interest in it for now but lets see how it plays out in the long run.....


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