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NO love for China

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End of Petrol Dollar and the start of Petro Yuan?   
Watch TV  America's Voice   War Room w/ Steve Bannon and maybe Live from Studio 6B.
Steve said today that China and Saudi Arabia have cut a deal to sell at least 20% to 25% oil in RMB.
We have had a strong USD due to Petrol Dollar and strong military to back it up.  Our military is being destroyed quickly and another $3.5 trillion will soon be approved to make sure the USD has no value.
Inflation is going up, up and this is the beginning, more high prices on the way....
Watch TV w/ Steve as he will announce it tomorrow Sat or next Monday.
Also keep reading Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges Common Sense Show....
Our military is warning us of World War 3 and they say we cannot win.  Do your research.
Watch and learn, then make comments....

We've strayed too far into the politics which is not the intent of this forum.  I've deleted a number of recent postings and locked this topic.


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