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NO love for China

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Parts of the MCC market is in a slow down from the information i get.   Why?   There is huge anger, hate for China now in the USA and the world.   Some new collectors i know want to sell all their small collection of Chinese until i talk to them w/ common sense.   Many citizens I talk to, if not close to all of them, have a real hate of China today.   Have never seen this before but i understand why.   China wants to dominate the world thru unscrupulous means.  You all know what i am discussing.   This is the truth and needs to addressed.

I have no intention of selling my Chinese.  China owns the gold so they will eventually make the rules no matter what other opinions are.   This time frame w/ a slow market is a great time to buy.   I tell everyone we don't love our governments in most all countries but most citizens are good.  Look at the thousands of protests world wide that are not on main stream news.  Today most all governments are hated....

Maybe not a popular topic but one that needs to be addressed.  The world has turned against China....

Clark Smith:
Summer is slow.    The market is dead right now.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out with China.  I am one that has sold the majority of Chinese coins in my collection.

In the past there were some emotions towards Vietnam, Russia, Middle East, etc.. but this was mostly government propaganda.   The people in the US were basically indifferent and held no grudge.   Today the hatred is deep and the worst i have ever seen against any country, today China.   Have never seen so many citizens that hate one country.   Not just the US but world wide from the articles i read and TV shows.   Will China stand alone or w/ N. Korea and maybe Russia against the entire world?   Why?   I would not want to be a Chinese citizen living abroad.   There are so many honest, good heart people in China so I am sad to see the absolute hate i see today.

Looks like gold/silver are breaking out again and sales are on the uptick.

Goldseek  "Ed Steer-Silver & gold buying in funds is huge....."   worth listening too.  Ed knows the market....

Olympic medals in plastic not silver?   Fact or fiction....

I have been to China many times.  I agree, there are a lot of very good people in China N31


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