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--- Quote from: pandamonium on July 08, 2021, 09:00:19 AM ---Looks like numismatics will be very popular for the long run as anything rare is getting cash thrown at it.
--- End quote ---
I follow a lot of collectibles, not only numismatics. Although much of my collection is related to numismatics, just as much or more is invested in comics (CGC) which has done FAR better than numismatics.

Even video games and cards seem to be exploding past numismatics which seems odd to me, hell even a 1987 video game sold for $900,000 yesterday.

Dustin Poirier FTW, a mile from my house bros !!!  :thumbup:

Wow, Dustin won.   I did not see it, hopefully it will replay on TV soon...

Other collectibles are not manipulated like bullion.   If 1987 Video cards have exploded, i better see if i still have my Nike basketball shoes from the early 1980's.    Video cards at that price is nuts like a $1 million 911.   Eventually there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people worldwide that will flood into bullion, then we will see market prices...

Daily Reckoning  "China; fragile giant"    by Jim Rickards

USA Watchdog  "Censoring reality"   by Bill Holter

it's unfortunate but maybe will be out of curiosity... or whatever to witness what the current Chn-Us decoupling trend will cast on the market of collectible items. There'll be other coins to replace pandas?

Transition at PCGS is already happening, fire (resign) the CEO is fastest way to clear the deck.


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