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Heritage Hong Kong Auction


I got up in the middle of the night to watch the Heritage Hong Kong Auction  The strong bidding that we've seen over the past year or so continues.  The older coins are getting bid up impressively.  I had no chance at winning the ones I was interested in.  My wallet is too small.  There are very few China modern coins in this auction.

If you are awake now you might be interested in watching the auction.  It will be interesting to peruse the results more carefully tomorrow morning.

Here is just one example of a coin whose bidding has just ended.  An MS61, but somewhat unattractive in appearance, selling for $13,800.  These could be purchased for $300 in 2009.

Wow, that is a huge price gain.   Almost shocking increase and the market is just getting started.   Vintage rules.   In time the market will come to MCC. 

On a smaller scale here is a recent sale on ebay.   Very low grade VF sold for $550....

Yeah it was a good auction and seems like the trend of toned coins continues to grow and nicely toned coins are getting great premiums.

 Key date coins like 1919 YSK dollar and 1907(year 33) Chihli are getting pressure as well. Which is not surprising as valued members like poconopenn and keydatepanda taught us the importance of key dates years ago. It was only a matter of time before demand for vintage Chinese keydate coins superseded supply and they took off.

 Even coins that are not that rare but are not so common in numerical grade are getting lots of attention, $7800 for a $1 Kwangtung XF45 is impressive. A little over year ago in the beginning stages of COVID outbreak US a $1 Kwangtung AU50 PCGS was offered on an eBay auction from Hong Kong sold for a little over 1k, what’s that worth today? Only reason I didn’t bid on it was because it was being offered from HK and didn’t want to deal with tariffs, now I wish I would have bid on it.

 Haha, Add it to my missed buys! The great thing about vintage coins is most still out there are buried in old collections and could surface at any given moment anywhere, keep that in mind next time you feel like your chance is gone. Happy collecting to all!


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