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Best Ways to Sell Silver as Bullion Price May Balloon

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With the possibility of the social media forums causing a run-up in silver prices next week, it may be worthwhile for those collectors seeking "premium cash" to sell some of their Pandas as bullion. May be a good opportunity to realize a great profit for a down-payment on a home or car. What would be the best and easiest manner to dispose of silver Pandas if a huge run-up in bullion occurs?

Don't sell, BUY, BUY, BUY.  The easiest way to sell bullion is locally, most collectors don't have the expertise to ship heavy silver boxes safely.  The $2/oz you lose by selling locally is worth it unless you have a lot experience shipping. 

Tomorrow is payday for many and they have their sights set on taking silver to $1000/oz over the month.  I don't think they will succeed, but a nice pop of $10/oz this week would be a nice start.  I suspended silver bullion sales on Thursday and bought some on Friday in case this has legs.  I hope gold goes up to at least $10,000/oz if silver goes to $250/oz which is a more reasonable target.  It will be a wild week for sure.  I think Sunday open will be above $30 which will trigger stop orders for those that are short.  All the big coin dealers will need to cover their weekend sales at the open and that alone will push prices up.

If silver does break to all-time highs above $50 I will become a strong buyer, until then let the market sort itself out. 

Why do I always read these posts when the one small coin store (in my small town) is closed for the weekend and I am unable to purchase silver or gold?  What to do?  Where to buy?  What to pay?  Whether to keep or try to sell for a quick profit?  I do not know how these Gamestop type traders / investors do it.  So many decisions.  Without doubt, tomorrow, I am going to watch the bullion markets to determine spot prices.  It will be a very interesting week.

Mark Bonke

ps  If you make some money on the bullion market, please share the information with us.  It will be enjoyable to read your posts.  People making money make me happy.

I guess if the price goes to the moon you sell even the rare ones I guess.  I went to JM bullion for fun and its all out of stock all silver.  I'm sure they are holding like others to see what happens.

There is very good chance it reaches 31soon...looking to reach 33, then pullback, then to the moon !


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