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This 1 Dollar 1920 (P.S1263b) note is from the Warlord Era of China after the revolution against the Ching Dynasty when despite the setting up of the Republic of China, power was often in the hands of local military leaders and bandits across the various provinces of the country.

This note was issued by the Provincial Bank of Chihli which operated in the central region of Zhili which was the location, but not the local authority of the capital Beijing. Consequently there was much instability and many military actions in the area, not least between the local warlord group of the Zhili clique (backed by the Americans and British) and the Fengtian Clique based in Manchuria and controlled by Zhang Zuolin (and backed by the Japanese) who was an influential and powerful bandit, soldier, and Warlord.

During the Second Zhili-Fengtian War (September 1924 - November 1924) which his Fengtian Clique fought against the Zhili clique who controlled the Beijing government, the two cliques fought a number of small skirmishes and sieges and by August 1925 the Fengtian Army controlled four large provinces within the Great Wall area including Zhili - where Beijing was located, but not Beijing itself, but in a surprise move, internal Zhili politics took a twist as on  October 22 Feng Yuxiang, commander of the 3rd Zhili Army, betrayed his superiors by mounting the Beijing Coup against President Cao Kun with the secret agreement of Zhang.
Cao was deposed as president and placed under house arrest for the next two years with Feng Yuxiang, taking control of Beijing and sharing power with Zhang and together they appointed Duan Qirui as their president.

However things didn’t work out for Zhang Zuolin as his Japanese backers later turned their own ambitions to invade Manchuria which he controlled, and so they assassinated him by blowing up a train he was travelling on.

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Your write-up is great !   Nice note !