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YSK 1916 Flying Dragon Dollar - real or fake?

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Bought this from an honest dealer last year in California, a rather expensive purchase but I thought it looked super legit. He said he'd shown it to various dealers and they also said it was authentic. However, I sent it off to NGC and they rejected it, and also to PCGS who also said unverifiable :(

I then showed it to a Chinese dealer here in NYC who is good at authentication and he thought it looked very good as well - he was very surprised at NGC's decision and said that if it is a fake it is possibly some sort of high quality early Japanese (?) fake, but otherwise is worth sending back in a couple more times. I showed it to a chinese friend who's a long time collector and he said he liked it as well.

I'm not sure what to do. Its a super nice example and if there's a chance it could be accepted then I'll keep it and send it in a couple more times.
However, I'm tempted to cut my losses and return it (dealer said he will take it back, and the grading fees are $100+ a go at this tier), but what if the graders are just not sure? What do people think? I'd love to get some more opinions here.

Its 26.880g (book weight is 26.80g). The obverse is more worn than the reverse which is weird.
I took these photos on my DSLR and can send very hi-res zoomed in pics of sections if anyone wants.

95.81 kB?

your photos are small


--- Quote from: panda on January 09, 2021, 10:49:23 PM ---95.81 kB?

your photos are small

--- End quote ---

Here is a link to the images straight from the camera:

* https://i.imgur.com/B8fNDaL.jpg
* https://i.imgur.com/WWAYqon.jpg
* https://i.imgur.com/EaE8p35.jpg

100% real, if you don't like it, sell to me.

I have owned the 1916 Flying Dragon before and although this may be real I find the colour odd, the planchet looks a little porous...my view is that if you can get your money if it's been rejected by both grading companies, I would do that. This is a coin that costs several thousand dollars and if rejected by TPG it would always play on my mind, nagging doubts. 


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