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New Paper Money Collecting Member
« on: December 24, 2020, 02:02:27 AM »
Hello and thank you to admin for letting me join. I’d also like to introduce myself to the wider membership. I am from the UK and have been seriously collecting WW2 paper money for about 30 years and even if I do say so myself, over that time built up quite a n extensive and good collection. However I have lapsed over the last few years and not only haven’t been buying more notes, but have actually been selling some of my rarer more valuable pieces to raise a bit of cash to pay the bills. Recently I also have some personal news that made me decide to sell off my entire collection and the last couple of months have, bit by bit, been selling some notes on ebay, others directly to dealers and actually have a couple of rare Dacha Concentration Camp notes going to an auction in New York at the start of the new year. As part of that process I also spoke to London’s Spink auction house as they have a paper money auction coming up in the Far East in March, and I thought this might be a good place to sell my collection of notes from the Japanese Puppet Banks of China. As part of that process I needed to list my notes and get an idea of their potential values but during the process of that I decided not only not to sell them, but to actively start collecting them again! I realised that I have the basis of a good collection. I have about one and a half albums of notes from that area that I bought over 15 years ago, and while some are reasonably easy to get hold off and sort of form the backbone of the collection, others are quite rare and even though I paid relatively cheap prices back when I bought them, all appear to have gone up in value with one or two well out of my price range today, so it would be nice to keep them as the stars of the collection. I have realised that previously my overall collection was too wide spread and I had a sort of scatter-gun approach to WW2 issues and collected them from all niches and across the world, and as a consequence probably didn’t spend as much time and effort on the Chinese issues. I now intend to sell everything else and just concentrate on China and have already started buying some new notes to add to the collection, albeit on the very modest monthly budget I have allocated myself, but more importantly I am thoroughly enjoying the organisation of the niche collection I have not previously paid much attention to, and started researching the history and politics of the era as well as the financial and banking systems and the notes themselves. I am really enjoying my new focus hence my wanting to join this forum. I know you are predominantly coin collectors (which I know nothing about) but I have seen some threads and responses about notes so I know there are note colleting members as well. I hope therefore to get involved in discussions and will have loads of questions I am sure but will take those up in other threads, for now I just wanted to pass on my warm wishes and my introduction. Although not yet an expert on Chinese WW2 (2nd Sino-Japanese War) paper money, I hope to be able to contribute in your discussions about what I learn and my experience in general from WW2 collecting over the years might also be of help. Speak soon I hope.

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Re: New Paper Money Collecting Member
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2020, 08:36:10 AM »
There is a section here for Chinese paper notes.     I picked up several UNC and a few circ notes about 7 to 9 yrs ago for roughly $1 to $10 each.      Locked away and have not looked at them in years but have noticed prices are up on ebay.      Chinese money is starting to see more demand.    The world is waking up to Chinese money.       There is a lot of cash in the world looking for a return.     Eventually when the news breaks about the upcoming value of Chinese money then everything will change.      By then supply will be gone......

Keep buying Chinese notes and give the coins/medals a shot too.....