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StacksBowersPonterio auction

The auctions are ready to begin in a few days (October 5-9, 2020).  They are being held in Kowloon without the benefit of a major coin show to attract coin dealers, investors or collectors into the Hong Kong SAR from afar.  Lot viewing by appointment only at the Stacks Bowers offices in the Mira Tower (or earlier in their California offices).  I do not know if the social distancing rules will permit bidding from the auction floor for certain of the auction events.  Still, bidding is permitted by internet, proxy, telephone, email, mail and fax.

The catalogs show an amazing array of Chinese and foreign coins, currency, etc.

I have already bid on a few of the items (and have already been outbid on several).  When I am at home, I have trouble staying awake to watch and bid online during the event due to the significant time difference.  Normally, I plan to stay up for the event and find myself nodding off in my chair in front of the computer.

What do you think?  Are there items in the auction which catch your eye?  Will you bid on them?  Will you stay awake to watch the event on your computer?

Does your approach change if you live in the PRC, Hong Kong, USA or Europe?

Mark Bonke

Could you post a link to the auction so we can view the items?

Google to NGC and read article by Mark Salzberg.....


Just visit and look at the list of upcoming auctions.  The Hong Kong auctions are broken into multiple sessions with different types of material in each session.

Purchasing from afar is difficult.  Consider the high bullion prices, the 20% buyer's commission and the duty for US buyers (for certain items being shipped to the USA) when determining an appropriate bid.  Then, consider the difficulty in determining condition for graded and ungraded items when viewing such items on your computer or other smart device.  Remember, a 69 grade is not the same from coin to coin or from grading service to grading service.

Still, you do not have to bid to look.  Check out the site.  See what is being offered.  And, if you can stay awake, see if there is active bidding during the session for a particular item.  Then, share your observations and wisdom with us after the events are completed.

Mark Bonke

Consistent to my prior conduct, I fell asleep early and missed Sessions A & B of the Stacks Bowers Ponterio auction in Kowloon.  I hope a few of you watched the bidding to see whether the market in Kowloon is as strong as we have been led to believe. 

I was watching the pre-auction bidding on the 1910 Pei Yang $3 note.  This morning, I look forward to searching the auction results to determine the selling price.  Without doubt, I am envious of the successful bidder.

Mark Bonke

I don't expect to win anything, the supply in mainland is so limited that they will buy up at stronger prices than what is possible in the US.  Even in the US the supply is very limited, I am back to buying 1/4, 1/10 and 1/20 because hard to find 1 and 1/2 anymore. 


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