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Kirin silver dragon

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The 1909 20C Genuine not gradable    $175   SOLD    photos above...

1904 50C AU Details cleaned    see photo   $700 bids Sold     Good price it seems for Details cleaned.   NGC has 14 pop

2 more small Kirin ANACS low grades listed on ebay..

N/D 5C G6 Kirin      -start bid-   $100        NGC has 17 pop for L&M 520 or 6 pop or less.    What variety is it?    see photo..

1909 20C VF 20 Details    -start bid  $850-   NGC has 8 or 9 pop

Have no clue to pricing or which variety is favored.    Kirin silver dragons have many varieties and low NGC pop.    MS are expensive but even the low grade/Details sell.....

The 1909 -start bid $850- was removed from ebay as seller changed mind...

See photo of page from Kirin book on ebay...

Manual casting coinage to Industrial machines to mint coinage.   Kirin official Bureau of Machines struck first year 1884 Chang -Ping which is forefather of China's machine struck coinage.....

The Kirin is FIRST machine struck silver dragon.    Many varieties due to many errors?   
Very confusing segment of the market but I like the challenge.     From my limited knowledge it seems to me that any collector of Vintage silver dragons would want a first year Kirin silver dragon no matter the size or grade as long as it is genuine.    Pop is low for most all of them.    Will the Kirin silver dragons see demand/price in the future?  It makes sense to me so i told my friends to buy....

See photos above..
1898 10C VF 35    $150 SOLD
ND 5C  G 8  ANACS  $50 SOLD

Note the center of the reverse of 3 Kirin.
First w/ circle is Kirin Chinese character.   Second is Yin Yang?   Third is Flower Pot.      Interesting...

Ebay listed another 4 silver dragons mostly low grade, one AU.

I have none for sale, watched them for a few years so had a curiosity.    The page from book makes sense that the Kirin is the first Vintage silver dragon...

Couple more sales, Kirin are moving up in price...   All SOLD on bids..   Ebay seller 2007chun sold most of them..

1898 10C VF Details Cleaned    $87    bidders missed this one...

1910 20C XF Details Cleaned    $451

1907 20C AU 55   hi grade       $535

1902 10C AU 58   hi grade       $1,301

1898 10C XF 40                       $315

More Kirin sales, bids....

1909 20C XF Details Environmental Damage     $262  SOLD     Ebay aigz888

1905 50C AU Detail Cleaned    $756.89             2007 Chuan
1905 50C XF Detail Harshly Cleaned  $320              "
1898 50C VF Detail Scratch     $285                        "

1890-05 50C XF Detail Tooled  Kwangtung dragon    $1,293

For you new collectors the cheapest Vintage maybe the French Indo China...Sold bids
1945 10C MS 63  FI China aluminum  $16.54 total       Ebay classycoins
1937 20C MS 64  FI China  silver        $37.75 total                   "
Could these FI China be worth $ hundreds someday?   Probably a safe gamble...


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