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I do not know much about the early year Kirin silver dragons (copper too) but there is a book that was published about 8 yrs ago and i do not have it.    Just observations on ebay sales.    Few are graded.     Many very low grades.     Due to small numbers and the demand for Vintage, at some point most collectors will want to own a Kirin, even low grade.     First year could be 1884 to 1908?
If you have any info on the Kirins please post.  NGC pop numbers are low, they are also graded by PCGS, ANACS & ICG.

Photos of 2 sales on ebay recently ANACS graded...
1898 10C VG 8     about $55
1908 20C VF 20 Details cleaned   about $100

Not the most attractive low grade silver dragons on ebay but they all seem to sell....

Here are some currently listed on ebay....

1898 10C VF 35    -start bid  $150-
1898 10C VF Details   $150
1909 20C Genuine not gradable   $175   17 watchers    2 photos

1898 10C MS 62  $20,000    28 watchers       very rare MS grade and big price

Screenshot of some NGC graded pop numbers.    Could not fit them all into the photos so you may want to look up NGC pop.   Small numbers so that gives us a idea of the rarity of the Kirin.      The low grades can be somewhat ugly but better then nothing.......

There are SO MANY varieties of Kirin provice coinage, that's why worth writing a book :)

People prefer to buy gradable (NOT details) coins, especially like the crown sized $1 dollar coin.

No wonder NGC has so many different Kirin listed, due to many varieties.     The high grades & 1 oz are too expensive for my collector friends and newbies.    Due to price and graded pop i recommend the Details.     The Kirin 10C has 110 graded which is a high number in comparison to the others.    (The 1890 - 1908 20C Kwangtung silver dragon has 990 NGC graded pop as a example.)     Better to own the Details then none as the low NGC numbers could mean price increase too.     Collectors would want to own a Kirin silver dragon at some point.    Gamble, yes, but many love to gamble and it seems to be a safe bet...

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