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Is this 1926 20 Jiao worth grading? Possible rim damage?



Hi everyone,

   I was wondering if you guys think it is worth sending this coin in to NGC. It seems to have light rim damage.

As a follow up, do you recommend conservation on this coin, or is this one to leave alone? The toning is fairly attractive and even.

Thanks in advance for any input.


Nice coin!

This coin is gradable to me (XF45),for old Chinese coins PCGS holder will get more then NGC.

Please update when you got this coin graded, thank you!


Thank you for the help Mr. Panda. I will send it in and see what happens. I am also expecting some type of VF or EF grade. These seem to be gaining in popularity. I wish it was an MS.

I will update this thread with results in a few weeks.

-Eric N28 N29

Any news on the grades?


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