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Assessing the relative supply and demand of different series



Given the very large number of modern Chinese coins and medals, and series of coins and medals in particular, how can one know the relative supply and demand of each of these series?  Is demand for Pandas more or less than for Lunar, and how to Panda Lunars match up? Is there three times (or four or two or nine) as much demand as there is supply for one but not another of these series?   The Classical Gardens series, and the numerous coins and medals celebrating various religious sites--how much demand is there in relation to supply?

Has anyone ever explored this topic in some systematic, or even, thoughtful way?   


--- Quote ---how much demand is there in relation to supply?
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almost junk silver :001_rolleyes:

Current bid:    RMB 440.00 (USD 61.72)

Current bid:    RMB 475.00 (USD 66.63)

Current bid:    RMB 475.00 (USD 66.63)

Past post says the collectors were not happy when they minted restrikes in brass, etc...     It once was a popular series.    Photos of the early gold versions were outstanding.....


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