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1980 China Olympics coins

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Maybe, but the market finally decided to buy early years and 1980 was a ignored year due to Olympics design.     At some point the 2nd year means more then design.      Speedskater w/ 5,000 or 2nd lowest mintage for silver is the better price, high grade is best.    The brass are getting good prices too...

Mr Ge's book 1981 & 82 have slim pickings too....

eBay 152863837312, the one you mentioned above, auction ended at $1,227. Looks like the seller is not aware of it being a piefort? Did you bid? PCGS price guide shows $9,500 for a 69 grade. If I were the seller I would send it in for grading first.

I won it. Doubt it gets 69. $9500 is nonsense.

Congrats! Northbay has a 69 asking $4250. Good price?

 It's only Cameo, people are snobby about that. Price seems fair but I wouldn't buy it. I sold a complete 69UC set for $20k+ a few years back.


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