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Seems like these coins are hot and activily traded on eBay. Especially the pieforts are selling at high prices. Any opinion on buy, hold or sell?

I do not know the market for the 1980's but they have been long overlooked.      How do you ignore 2nd year MCC market?    Olympics are not that popular.       The silver Piedforts are expensive w/ about 500 plan mint.      The 3 silver, wrestler, soccer & other are now getting higher prices w/ 40,000 plan mint.     The overlooked one is the silver speedskater w/ 5,000 planned mint.   Ebay has a silver PF 69 Speedskater listed maybe once a year so it is a good target and ignored.
The other 1980 brass, etc are getting more demand too.....

Ebay 152863837312   1980 silver piedfort?......

Intersting market trend!

Perhaps the forthcoming Winter Olympics has something to do with it?


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