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Hi!Just bought this chinese medal and can't find any info about it like mintage,value,etc...one ounce weight,aprox. 38 mm diameter,probably silver.Bought in a wooden box inscribed 'Completion of Bank of Chinaq Tower 1990' 'SHENYANG MINT' and some chinese characters.On the other side of the medal is the Tower of Bank of China.Any info would be much apreciated.Many thanks!

Page 246 of Mr Ge's book.   4,000 mint.    I think it could be the 90 Bank of China and has high demand and price.    Rarely seen.   Ebay seller and member Ggoodluck has the 1992 version  Ebay 142256515606.....

The first Bank of China silver medal was 1982 w/ 16,000 mint.   Good B of C to own, several on ebay..

I was told the 4 Bank medals in the back of Mr Ge's book have demand and are worth collecting.   
-B of C Tower Completion, see photos above post..
 4,000 mint
-B of C Hong Kong
 4,000 mint
-B of C Macau
 3,000 mint
-B of C     see ebay photos
 2,000 mint

(1992) Bank of China  OMP box      $118.50   Sold       Ebay 312735580658    I think this is the rare one...
Spot, not best condition but all 4 are very rare on US Ebay....

1992 Bank of China Hong Kong   OMP box    $300       Ebay 143206690137      condition?    most are so so...
Huang Ruiyong has 4 stars for all 4 B of C medals.....

There are collectors of Chinese Bank medals.     I found these 3 OMP on ebay.    $65    Asked seller 1 for $65?   No all 3 or about $21 to $22 each, how cheap is that?     Good bullion play w/ semi early year and this 1995 Bank of Communications is still operating in China.
Any info on mintage?

Many silver bank medals including this 1999 Privatization Bank medal...

Most of these unknown bank medals are cheap and considered junk today but ebay has many sales of low price and high price MCC now.    We can all see the market pick up.    As inventory drops even these unknown silver medals will have value.     If they are priced around bullion then why not?....


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