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This is a screenshot of part of a thread that was started by Birdman earlier today before database restore and deletion of posts. I didn't capture the initial part of the thread but Mazinger7000 quoted Birdman. The only other thing missing was a post by Snowball informing us that he was working on the database!

I assume the change of forum handle still holds?!

SemiKeyDate1/2ozPanda, no problem.   :001_smile:

The same issue happened on 4/15/2014, two years ago.   The forum team and the tech support together spent 2 days to figure out that it was the dimension causing the blank post.  However, the issue has already been there because we didn't figure out how to get it fixed.   N2    



Found this one.  sandac tested image dimension when the issue occurred 2 years ago. 

enjoy the weekend!



--- Quote from: KeepOnTrying! on April 30, 2016, 06:51:13 PM ---I got a screen shot of your posts. I shall upload it now!

BTW I am not beautiful!

--- End quote ---

You have beautiful heart. Thank you for uploading screen shots of affected posts  :thumbup:


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