Author Topic: Unfair grading standard to China Antque finish coins/medals from NGC  (Read 3247 times)

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Unfair grading standard to China coins/medals from NGC

check these two series numbers from NGC, they are all NGC69 of antique finish silver, but u can see too much
polishing scarchs.

4288230-001-061, these number all Classical Garden - Mountain Resort 2oz Antique finish,
u can see too much polishing scarchs eighter, but unfortunately they are all NGC64,few
NGC65,2pcs NGC66. i got explaination from NGC grading group that polishing line is the reason
or low grade...

pls check the Panda antique finsh silver coin medal from Shanghai Mint, ShenYang Mint,

Nanjing Mint, unfortunately, they are mostly NGC66 NGC67, but polishing line not as many

as above items ...

pls check  selling Antique finish silver coins from USA/Australia/Palau/Cook Islands/Niue/Canada from Ebay...
most of them are Grading so well at NGC69,some NGC70! but u can see polishing scarchs/lines too...

what does it mean? NGC offer lower grade to all Antique Finish coins/medals from China!
can i call it: Discrimination ?
i will not submit any more antique finish to NGC ,except they are changing their standard to antique finish China coins/medals , i will ask my friends and clients doing so. wasting money doing that NGC for antique....

another case, there will be an on-site grading activity at December in Shanghai, all 2oz

slab and 5oz slab charge 35RMB more,,,unfortuantely we did not receive any announcement
from NGC official or any reason explaination.
yes, China market is so big, but please Respect need for all over the world...
we can afford for sure. but .....

we need NGC maintain their garding standard, fairly!
A Global third party company, fair is the most important!

At the end, God bless us all...