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1996 5 OZ UNICORN, 50 Yn w/ original Box and COA


This is a great medal. One of many of the Unicorns Medals/Coins made today. I really thought the 5 oz and larger are pretty good as an investment when I got it.  With that said, Any suggestions in what to do with this 1996 5 oz Unicorn, 50y?  Should I keep it or sell it? If I should sell, what is a fair price for me to sell it for? If it helps I paid what was the market price from an Auction.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Keep it

I would get Peter Anthony Pricepedia and get the prices on there or one could go NGC and look up info and prices too.  I read the prices varies especially since the rise of gold prices the MCC seems to be heating up quick.   

I also read one can get silver coins conserved at NGC and have them grade it.  If you get a PF69 then the price goes up less shipping, grading, and conserve. 


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