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Re: 2015 Ancient Mammoth - Brass Medal
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Looks good Andy.   N34  Now we won't get in trouble if we make a few dollars as we share with others the love we have for medals, and help others to attain their goal of getting the same medals and coins we love, adore and cherish.  :001_tt2:  If I didn't adore, love and cherish these beautiful medals, I wouldn't be collecting them.  N27  I wouldn't be starting a website.   :thumbup:  I wouldn't be taking time out of my busy day to post videos and pictures.  This is a hobby for me.  I do just fine in my career, thank you very much.  N66 I do this for fun, and I'm sure you do as well.  If we happen to make a few extra dollars in helping othes, then amen.  Any profits I make goes back to buying more medals and coins, so in a way, we are helping dealers achieve greater profitability.  Kudos to us.   :tongue_smilie:  all the best everyone.  N40