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Please help identify-34th Year Of Kuang Hsu Dragon coin

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This coin has a very close spec with a 39mm Diameter and 27 grams weight but there's none Hu Peh dragon coins out there that will match this. Another fake?

Sorry...The first picture or the other side of the dragon Hu Peh coin is wrong. This is the right picture for it. Any comments will be much appreciated. Cheers..

Again, this dragon dollar has a mismatched obverse and reverse.

Thank you for the previous reply.

Found this FatMan coin and the descriptions on the coin matches to the one from another site http://www.dragondollar.com/coins/mint-errors/broadstruck-fatman-dollar/ except this one here is not a broadstruck Fatman Dollar. Diameter 28mm - 27 grams. Comments please.

Hi guys I have had this coin lying around for a while now and have looked around and found that there are many fakes. Could someone please confirm if mine is a genuine coin or not? I haven't been able to find any coins on the Internet with the exact same patterns or markings as this one so I am assuming it is a fake coin.


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