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Please help identify-34th Year Of Kuang Hsu Dragon coin

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Hello Simon,

I think the reason this coin eludes internet search or catalog identification is that it is a fantasy tael coin. The upper characters on the reverse face are Manchurian script.

Similar pattern taels Y-74 were made in 1907, 33rd year of Kuang Hsu in Chihli province. Standardized taels currency was soon discontinued after Kuang Hsu untimely death.

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--- Quote from: choki on May 14, 2015, 03:07:55 AM ---Found this FatMan coin and the descriptions on the coin matches to the one from another site http://www.dragondollar.com/coins/mint-errors/broadstruck-fatman-dollar/ except this one here is not a broadstruck Fatman Dollar. Diameter 28mm - 27 grams. Comments please.

--- End quote ---

Hello Choki,

I think you mean the 1914, year 3 in the fifth and sixth characters from the right hand side obverse legend, Yuan Shih-Kai is 38.5-39.0mm and meets a 26.8-27.0g weight.  Please check the rim thickness; it should be 2.5mm.  If thickness is greater than 2.5mm then the coin is made of a less dense metal than the usual silver-copper alloy.


Diameter - Approximately 39mm
Weight - Approximately 26.8 grams

Your opinions will be much appreciated.


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