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Please help identify-34th Year Of Kuang Hsu Dragon coin

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Diameter - Approximately 39.16mm
Weight - Approximately 25 grams

Your opinions will be much appreciated. I will post more Dragon coins soon.


Welcome to the forum, member #2,000 !

The 1898 Pei Yang dragon dollar should weigh about 27 gm. with a diameter of 38mm. Clearly, your coin is a fake.

Really appreciate the prompt reply. According to this website http://museumvictoria.com.au/collections/items/72897/coin-1-dollar-chihli-china-year-24-1898-ad - The diameter of this particular coin is 39 mm and the weight is 26.92 grams. My scale is not working 100% as it shows -1 gram before I weigh the coin. Will try to weigh it again with a proper scale and keep my fingers crossed. These coins were given to me many..many years ago from Tibet. Cheers...

The coin has a mismatched obverse and reverse. There is no such coin. The specifications mentioned in my previous response is for the dragon side.

Thank you for the appraisal. Will post more decent coins later and hopefully one will turn out real as I'm not really a coin collector.


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