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These guys are trying to take their deception to a new level.  The text of this WCS graded ebay listing:


"WCS was established in 2004, the WCS ANA became the American numismatic association (American NumismaticAssociation) professional coin collector association designated agencies."

If an inexperienced collector Google's the American Numismatic Association, they get the official prestigious group https://www.money.org/

The ebay description continues:

"WCS rating system is similar to PCGS. Each submitted to NGC coin will make at least three independent rating experts rating three times, and then decide the level of the currency."

"Coin grade appraisal is a team work process, by at least three professional grade appraisal expert appraisal for each coin. The levels of WCS appraisers are come from different backgrounds, but they all have engaged in coin distribution of work experience. Because in the money market level appraisal aspect, experience is a crucial factor business department. And it is worth mentioning that unlike all other coin appraisal services, WCS strict rules itself with the full-time appraisers grade, shall not participate in any coin trade activities"

It is comforting that they have such strict rules and high ethics.   :cursing:

The fake listings used to be laughable, albeit annoying, and had obvious key words like "gold plated" so that few ebay buyers would be confused.  Listings like this one are evolving to the point that they will fool more ebay buyers, and will definitely fool secondary buyers if a person of low ethics tries to buy these cheap and resell the elsewhere to uninformed buyers who have heard that "Chinese gold pandas are hot".

Item ships from Arizona.



you could spend eight hours a day every day and never finish reporting all of the fakes on ebay.  It might be fun trying it for a day or two if you knew that ebay would take it serious and do something about it, but my experience is that they seldom do.

I'm disgusted to say that I have a flawless 100% record when it comes to reporting fakes on eBay - I've reported dozens, if not hundreds, and I've tracked every single one and not one single auction was ever pulled by eBay.   The world would have been better off if I'd spent that time doing anything else!


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