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I'm amazed that ebay are allowing thousands of fake Panda's to be sold on their site.I've gone to the trouble of pointing out some of the more obvious fakes to them but they appear not to care.It is obvious that they do not care about the customers getting ripped off only in their profit margin.When will someone with some clout take up this matter and possibly put a stop to it.The latest farce is that 1983,1984 & 1985 Panda's are being offered and the specs are totally wrong,don't the buyers check this stuff out before they buy.I personally bought fakes before I became aware that they existed.I was na├»ve and assumed that ebay had some morals and would verify these items before allowing them to be posted & that they would have some kind of guarantee for anyone duped but I was  wrong & now I'm stuck with a number of fakes.

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Yes, IMO, there are more fake silver pandas than genuine at eBay at this moment.

Here is the thread with names of fake coin sellers.


Here is the thread for side-by-side comparison pictures of fake and genuine silver pandas


It's actually very simple....
If the price looks too good to be true... it usually is "too good to be true"
We all love bargains, but if it's too much of a bargain, it's usually a fake.

Any seller of a genuine coin would know its true value and wouldn't sell it for hundreds of dollars below its worth.

eBay lost a 2008 anti-counterfeit enforcement case in a federal Florida USA courtroom. Is there something anyone here could provide for them to defend merchandise filtering [and us], and enforce against untruthful vendors?

The Federal Lawsuit:

The Florida Federal Court Order:

Case Analysis Puzzle:


Here is another example of a listing that is going to fool somebody.  I haven't seen this one before. 

I've grown someone numb to the long list of fakes on eBay, but I thought it might be useful to remind some of the new members of this forum to "be careful out there."  There is a hell of a lot of crap out on eBay!


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