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The Journey of the Chinese Classical Garden Series of Medals

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Fascinating!  Thanks for explaining these details. I think my favorite of all is the mountain resort. Although the old summer palace is another of my favorites.  I’m going to learn more about these and do more research.  Thanks again.

I own none of this series as they are newer issue.    However the best are the gold version....stunning.     Have not seen them on ebay for a few years.....

I was browsing earlier and found this 118g gold piece. Spectacular, but pricey.

Just picked these up. Beautiful 😻  will these ever make a comeback?

Hi everyone. It’s been a long time. Our world has become a bit more chaotic since I last checked-in. I thought forums were ‘dead’, since crypto has taken over the world. Happy to see that most are still going strong with their Chinese coins/medals - congratulations! Gold and silver seem to making a bit of a comeback. About time - inflation continues to sail higher.

Hopefully these modern medals and others like them, will have their day in the sun too. I’ve been told that these Garden pieces (and others like them) are becoming more scarce (?) and harder to source. However, it could simply mean that shipping from China has come to a stand still.

Wishing everyone happy holidays, CC


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