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Counterfeit Chinese Coin or Fake Bullion Bar Sellers on Ebay

Check out this blacklist before bidding or purchasing Chinese coins or bullion gold/silver bars on Ebay.

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

'Beijing Olympic Gold & Silver Coin Set' -- One of the most popular fake coin sets from China on Ebay.   If you do a search, you will see hundreds are currently listing on Ebay.  This fake set was sold by Chinese seller kidtteop who got banned in Oct. 2008.  It was sold as '2008 Beijing Olympics Gold & Silver Set'.
Genuine 1/3oz gold is 9.45g in weight (fake one is 9.8g).  Genuine 1oz silver is 31.1g (fake is 29.6g).

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Latest update: 12/29/2010



Ebay ID:
Buyer should always check eBay seller's feedback before buying gold coins! For a seller to suddenly switch from cheap items to expensive items is suspicious because it is a common way to build a large quantity of positive feedback honestly before switching to fraudulent listings.              
sz-hkseller (Hong Kong) NEW (12/29) Selling fake silver panda coin sets.
lz_zzjie (China) NEW (12/10) Selling Chinese fake silver panda coins. Beware!
lisajianglin (China) NEW (11/05) Gold panda scammer!  Buyer Beware!!!
shop6851282 (China) NEW (10/28) selling high collectible value silver panda coins with stolen pictures.  Beware! 270654458499, 270654299208, 270654279714, 270654304643...
marylq1987 (China) NEW (10/16) Gold panda scammer!  Buyer Beware!!!
bladesmith-oyj168 (China) NEW (09/31) 200525622830, 200525933747, 200525623526, 200525935287... selling fake gold & silver panda coins!
jewelry929 (China) NEW (09/25) Gold panda scammer!  Buyer Beware!!!
zhouyiming2009 (China) NEW (09/11) Another gold panda scammer!  Buyer Beware!!!
zazingde210 (Malaysia) NEW (09/06) 200515751420, 200515748950, 200515752887, 200515753998.. selling fake 5oz silver pandas, & 1/10oz gold pandas.  Buyer Beware!
shibukedang2010 (China) NEW (08/14) 10571755752..  Another fake silver panda coin seller in China!  Beware!
haochuntian2009 (China) NEW (07/21) 180535697226, 180535413007...Selling fake gold & silver pandas! Buyer Beware!
updang1 (China) NEW (07/17) Selling tons of fake silver pandas! Buyer Beware! (China) NEW (07/17) Selling tons of fake silver pandas!
jamie_smile (China) NEW (07/10) 270604258419... Selling tons of fake silver bars from China, buyers beware!;topicseen#msg1960

colorful8876 (China) NEW (07/05) 60630037921260630039139260617243368... selling fake Chinese silver pandas and silver bars
daqiang2009 (China) NEW (04/08) 160421497275, 160420486259, 160419499349, 160421160965, 160421493660... Selling tons of fake Chinese 1oz silver panda coins.
ckck1926 (China) NEW (06/29) 260604612507...Selling fake 2010 1oz silver panda coins.
admk_18 (China) NEW (06/06) Selling fake 2009 1oz silver panda coins.
duckduckone2009 (China) NEW (05/28) SCAMMER!  Ebay Buyer beware!
kigb001 (China) NEW (05/22) SCAMMER!  Ebay Buyer beware!
apollo1904 (China) NEW (05/22)

SCAMMER!  Ebay Buyer beware!

2010zongcishun988 (China) NEW (05/18) 290436338559, 290434765628...
xinglong999168 (China) NEW (05/18) 270580864857, 270569921336... also selling fake China ancient coins.
fangkongtian (China) NEW (05/07) 200469690145, 190394928370, 200469692658, 190394916387, 200469686355, 190394911691...
yy7777777yy2008 (China) NEW (04/26) 280498613281, 280494468490, 280497243642... selling fake 1 kilo silver coins! Buyer beware!
dongzhubao (China) NEW (03/28) All the coin images are stolen from at
selling cheap items to build feedback, then instantly selling high value coins. Buyer Beware!
sellerworld2008 (HK) NEW (03/18) BANNED 260570860892, 260570861123, 260570861142... SELLING FAKE 2010 1oz SILVER PANDA COINS!
global-trading-cn (China) Selling FAKE rare certified Chinese silver coins.  Please refer to for the details.
art123036 (China) 250541930580


1970sun (China) 300378326095, 300378330238, 300378319161, 300378319960, 300378328673...
2010hmcz168 (China) NEW (04/08) 260581939269...
0206zhang (China) 280430318485, 280421472376, 280421474283, 280421467677...
art_exquisite2009 (China) 260516356963, 260516430655, 260516431847, 260516432466, 260516438160, 260516434324...
asv9988 (China) 220505568288, 220505535935, 220505563308, 220505540664, 220505538413, 220505777926...
baiduyong2010 (China) NEW (02/05) 220551887964, 220551888610, 220551889219, 220551889945, 220551892238, 220551892238...
bcx89682009 (China) NEW (02/21) 150416535012, 150416534695, 150416514516...
birdnest2008888 (China) 170395809129, 170395804122, 170395805001, 170395802475, 170395801378, 170395808135...
chinaart999 (China) 180439570991, 180439571909, 180439088551, 180433909195, 180436681332, 180439996993...
d2serboo (China) NEW (01/17) 260538972072, 260538122510, 260538121610, 260538143389, 260538143669, 260538143641...
damaijia2010  (China) 150322543342, 150322541672, 150322537912, 150322539870, 150322537654, 150322536762, 150322534273, 150322531036, 150322531513, 150322529913... and more
daqiang2009 (China) NEW (04/08) 160421497275, 160420486259, 160419499349, 160421160965, 160421493660...
digitaljege (China) 180388351555, 180388351536, 180387008684, 180387008745, 180387589129, 180387589166...   Please refer to for the details.


ella200816888 (China) NEW (01/17) 180457540191, 170433471918...
fengxingtang51509 (China) 130353234069, 130352545447, 130352999844, 130352999079, 130353001745...
fge699 (China) NEW (03/12) 280477506201, 280473989645, 280476952326, 280476951698, 280476963451, 280476964018...
fuhuazhu0008 (China) 220528403376, 220528380230, 320463968656, 320461719344, 320461720496...
googie_2010 (China) NEW (02/05) 270525604834, 270525405628, 270525415817, 270525407887, 270525411223, 280460249265, 270525404608...
goodstore9898 (China) 370260132600, 370260132618, 370260007735, 370260020913, 370260132615, 370259517376...
hai9688 (China) 260516228551, 260514035956, 260517369469, 260517367869, 260514887749...
healthbeauty88 (HK) 320464143660
hejw1208 (China) 320423017855
hellobeijing2009 (China) NEW (02/05) 290406866237,290407283628,290407617073,290406958351,

290407617353,290399271179, 290399263793...

helloxianggang (China) 370361897018, 250573978542, 250574045313, 250559627051, 370308482674, 250549084881
hellozhenping (China) 120505242810, 120505221107, 120505223397, 120505222460, 120505220955, 120505221959, 120504863976, 120505222946...
hhdfu99 (China) NEW (04/13)
k-supermarket (China) 320443552596, 320444687707, 320444437996, 320444391518, 320444423340, 320444328011...
kiaima2009 (China) 320440549156, 320440549199, 320440549111, 320440549218, 320440548999, 320440549039...  also selling fake Chinese bank notes.
kunlun598 (power seller) (China) 260491632173, 260425938895, 260365630253, 260365629453, 260364048548, 260361858540, 250373280519, 250373281217, 260356295114, 250365609640, 260355653544, 260354702805.. and more
lumengwei2009 (China) 150403363835, 150381148844, 150381146766, 150381147090, 150381148340...
mldsjfeio (China) 170397885196, 170398288834, 170397197741...
mr.weiluo2008 (China)
myx56898 (China) 280357443424, 280359061086, 280359061981...
oldgoodshop5600168 (China) 180360393150, 180361321492, 180361571405, 180360392603, 180360392237, 180361306768...
polkjl168 (China) 220541458934, 220532923257, 220532925613, 220532006631, 220532915219...
qianerluo (China) 260403126853...
qiangqian888 (China) 320368033177, 320368032398, 320368031863, 320368031433, 320368031028, 320368030671...


winning_online  (China) 260371525924, 260371527339, 260370963894, 260371531594, 260371530599, 260371528185...
wofeiyue2009 (China) 280410409841, 280410441501, 270470632591, 280410432357, 280410461833, 280410421633...
xutaohua_19770216 (China) NEW (01/25) 220545125265, 220546231241, 220545206507...
wyanying588china (China) NEW (01/17) 230425624516, 230425285157, 230425231220, 230425232164, 230425624666...
xuemei828 (China) 390151772473, 320437069095...


youyizhubao_888 NEW (04/17) 170473767322, 170473769048, 170473768894, 170473767712...
yunyun862009 (China) NEW (02/05) 270525659244
zhen.mei1 (China) NEW (01/17) 260542119878, 260538915967...


Banned By Ebay

BANNED mgcjsh518 2199zi 0312rw2010 70sizhijia Benpoy bjy20092009 chaxun981 d98e7ht dazong2009 fge699 gfh09t7 heung.0706 hia1998 huyang3000nian hyx8026 lihongjing8892008 ljw85.2009 maybe_that88 mq59682009 msn20082008 oulanzh qayswanm qingtianqu shiguaqu shaochuang7899.0516 rr0g4yj rtmmtr01 usbcarde veryimportant198 wufeng2166 wpshop20099 xiaojunyun888 yaoshunyu521188 yingpeiguo1 youchao0403 youpeng0822 schao09 zhanjun2166 zhengguodong75388 zlili_166 zzyk.18

10/2009 hbvaritey  (power seller)(US)  chengoods  deitymade26  fengweisd2008  huiqu667  lizushan  niepengpeng2009 rewt3399  zhaoqi83 asdsffd888 (South Korean) pizhenwei7892009(South Korean) adkwr  arp0mm  avtvditale  azdp88  baiziwanwan  chinese_wind8588  dengman008  didiok168  fengkuangdigouwu  fuyunbao  haolijunhlj2160  heziqian2008  hello_hongkong_8868  huaqing168  huyinley  jack_usa2009  james_hk268  jia2008010  kcloweri  leisoppreding  leiyangmei9898  liao_laxing534763  lihong_bai921  liping_19702  litaotaoa3  liyingzi2378  lubinghuaer  lucong3188  meiping777  mkyiewr  shunfa2009  tiopoedi  tongfeiwangluo8290  wjxu00  xiangyanai666  xiexinxin998  xql_un168  xuyumin88888  yougen3005  yongfame  yuelanyang824  zhangqirui  zhangyunliang2009  zhaoxulan  zhm15688  zhouaimin102988

05/2009 hongqiqu598168(Taiwan)  kirk0037(US)  classic82888  chunmafeng  cky.11346  coverktee  cryfirt  eclipse.02123 gahao2009  huahuacc  lihuif.fgg  jiaro_vite  jingzhiwwwp  michael92273914  nmousoaisn_203  treasure85188  wei.jia.zhang003440  xiuxianwangluo222  yunshiwy  zhaoeri  zhibing_56

04/2009 1968rochelle-2008(US)  sutasinee-mong(Thailand)  baisha598268(Taiwan)  yw0942052009(Taiwan)  xinqing1410(Macau)  bkoeiton  brinkvesty0  chenjin_822088  collorite  cwkseard  dpp_ing88  feiyao17582008  gladmany  happinessshopping858  happybullyear  honestsunflower  mtop.62  o_oteiotn  oldgoodshop5600168  pankly  qiangjia.203  sandy.1987  shunshun.83  songlihui999  wanglskdfj  wanhin-tsang  wholesaletrade2008  wuwofei446  xiangqianfang  xiongbeian6456  yaerwangdian688  zhuxinzhi.345

03/2009 alopxe(US) cxcmnk2009(US) huaxiaguwan58(Taiwan) bbfdbdfbdf168(Taiwan)  110531030  5185will  aokb882009  armor518  bcrkn075  geiwoeiwei  hardman_1982  haotkuint  hongfu268  hrkwxx89  hunggres52  jimiytia  king_opec  koidmonde0  leiqian666  liesdmaist  lilei197003  liqian11866  lokkpie  lotnisedly  lxioertn  menoshuai  minghaijingqing  nackliesnod.2  niceroble12  number200902  orgreiteny.23  passtingto  qinqin0041  qinqin19814  qizhenyibao  quertied6.4  shopkaixin  shoushi999(power seller)  sieckrotou.09  sky_peiv7  snowman82168  superstarstars  surnadei  tianyacompany888  tibet-seller  uitoopaoo  usdcridell  usmented_203 vcheung823  vo.chdiotr  vorneited  xiangtianxiao2009  xotinae  y_topnze  yantuozhuo015145  zhangxingchang689  zhuipaodong07507

02/2009  heixinlangzhongg(Taiwan)  houjianling(Taiwan)  jhgfd3(Taiwan) okhiau(Taiwan) zhendhx(Taiwan)  830069lover  a154teom  abdiel669988  aleoverl  art_exquisite2009  bajingnuo  chenxinruyi2008  chunfang168  com7845zer  coser8974t  dongshi168  hengchangbaozhai(power seller)  hk-fai  hoeell88  isebella99  juejueet  kakalovekit  lcfok11  meiping777  mtk0611  onmei_lia  peggyljp  pure_hearted  tiancheng63052008  trunquack  wenwang69  xiaohuanghua88  xinjie2009  xinstrea  yangli2008051888  yaodingrong

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Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring FTC Consumer Alert

Representative Forms of Fakes and Counterfeits of Chinese Modern Commemorative Coins

by April 14, 2009

The first fake form is: imitation, directly making counterfeits.

The main characteristics of fake Chinese gold coins:

1. Use of copper gilt and low quality silver as the material of production;

2. Sand blast work done coarsely with only one layer;

3. embossment impaired, strokes of Chinese characters are rough, surface is not level;

4. ink is not evenly distributed, easily leading to various phenomenon such as discoloring and exposure of white;

5. there is no similar craftwork or pattern to the fake.

Differentiating between authentic and fake certificates:

Characteristics of authentic certificates:

1. verify that the certificate contains the signature of the current director of the People's Bank of China.

2. printed on the same official print paper as for the Renminbi.

3. imprinted with colorless fluorescent emblem of the Central Bank and a fake-proof watermark, moreover, every certificate contains micro print design.

Characteristics of fake certificates:

1. photocopy of the original made on regular print paper. Writing is not crisp and the certificate number is not aligned on one horizontal line;

2. usually lacking the emblem of the Central Bank and the fake-proof watermark; those that have them are not clear;

3. the price appears directly on the certificate, and added on top are the seals of the People's Bank of China, Chinese Gold Coin Corporation and the name of a minting factory;

4. Other than the certificate of authentication, oftentimes in addition includes the verification report of the regional quality inspection department or the notarial deed report from the notary office.

The distribution channels of fake coins:

1. No stable retail facility. Usually temporary sale points take place in libraries, memorial centers, post office, hotels, etc.

2. Through various methods such as telemarketing, door-to-door or Internet sales, the method ensures the same-time exchange of money and the product.

3. Impersonating employees of the Chinese Gold Coin Corporation hawking products.

4. Overseas, the distribution channels of fake coins are mostly auction retail websites such as Ebay and Ioffer.

The second fake form uses the concept of swiping badge for coin.

According to related provisions of the <<Regulation of Renminbi Administration>> of the People's Republic of China: "The People's Bank of China can issue commemorative coins as needed", "the coin's theme, face value, design, material quality, pattern, specification, issue quantity and time" etc. are determined by the People's Bank of China.

These days in society, there are some businessmen who have labeled the commemorative badges that they sell as gold or silver coins. There are also other businessmen who have combined Chinese themes with foreign face values to sell off their badges as commemorative coins for distribution in the market. They attempt to confuse the concept of badge and coin among consumers. Chinese precious metal commemorative coins are legal tender of the People's Republic of China. Their coin currency is the Renminbi "Yuan".

The most obvious distinction between commemorative coins and badges is: coins are issued by the People's Bank of China and possess the country name and face value while the badges do not possess these features.

Classic examples of how commemorative badges imitate coins:

In 1998, the People's Bank of China issued a set of coins to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Zhou En Lai's birth. In 2008, more than 30 types of badges that imitate coins to commemorate his 110th birthday appeared on the market.

To commemorate the success of China's first spacewalk, the People's Bank of China issued one gold and one silver coin. At the same time, there appeared on the market more than 20 types of imitation coin badges of "China No.7".

According to the People's Bank of China's rules of issuance for Chinese zodiac coins, the People's Bank shall only issue a coin for the current zodiac year. Yet on the market can be found imitation badges of calligraphy masters such as Qi Bai Shi and Xu Bei Hong's The Big Gathering of Twelve Zodiac Animals.

In addition, the highly popular Five Oxen zodiac gold coin currently on the market is once again imitation badge.

The main selling trait of imitation badges is false marketing: using the media, these badges are touted to be "exquisitely made by the state, the state broke issue limit, authorized by a state department, limited issuance, out of print and hard to come by, huge potential for appreciation, collectible value is high". Indeed, some even hire fake specialists, so-called directors of the People's Bank of China, directors of the Gold Coin Corporation, to give topical lectures, using exaggerated descriptions to attract and mislead consumers.

In disguised form - the manufacturing and selling of fakes:

A prominent feature of such fake manifestation is: to select a certain product from the group of Chinese precious metal commemorative coins, retain the design pattern and craftwork, but intentionally changing the currency symbol from "Yuan" to "g". Otherwise only retaining the face value while eliminating the currency symbol altogether. Some even eliminate both.


Dangerous Chinese "Sellers"

by lapidary2 (Ebay Member) October 16, 2008

One eBayer has already written a note about these but last night there was a spate of these crooks on eBay, mainly selling coins, totaling more than 100 items.

Experienced buyers often recognize these crooks but not always and the crooks are becoming more devious; so I have decided to write this guide to help you recognize these crooks and avoid financial loss.

Their current strategy is to create about 10 fake accounts, sell to these accounts and then create the illusion of a positive rating of 10. As far as payment is concerned, they used to use the Western Union trick - you can never get your money back - NEVER use Western Union. However, they are now using PayPal who will take no action to close these accounts - I know because I phoned them and they were simply not interested. So, you may or may not be covered by PayPal.

You should next look closely at what they have supposedly sold and then ask yourself whether it makes any sense that they are now selling a plethora of rare coins.

These listings are usually for one day only - a practice that a real seller would not use as it would limit the number of bids likely to be received. These crooks use this because eBay Safe Harbor is so hopelessly slow that the crooks do stand a real chance of succeeding with their theft.

Many of these listings also offer a ludicrously cheap Buy It Now option - again, you have to ask yourself "would a real seller need to do this?"

If bidding has got under way - often these crooks are so incompetent that the listing is laughable and is ignored by everyone - look at who is bidding and look at their track record from their feedback. Even knowledgeable people can get caught but generally, you will notice that the regular bidders are not bidding for these offers.

Sometimes these crooks manage to match their incompetence with their enthusiasm and you will see them offering the same rare item in several different listings!

Often a search for the item on eBay will also find you the original listing that was stolen by these crooks and you will be able to see from the photographs that these have been stolen.

If you are suspicious, you can always try to contact one of their so-called previous buyers and another technique is to ask for a new picture of the item. A real seller will invariably oblige.

As of today, 11 July 2006, the crooks are back and this time, they are using a zero rating instead of constructing 10 or so fake positives. My opinion now is that you should not buy coins from ANYONE in China who is not yet established and is showing a low or zero rating - there is almost certainly nothing there for you.

If you do discover this activity please help others as I do by telling them of the fraud, before they part with their money and also pester eBay to get them to remove the fake seller.

When I wrote this, I was pleased to see this activity appear to die down but in April 2008, I have received emails from other eBayers telling me that it is still going on and that, as usual, eBay is doing nothing about it, sales are going through to completion and buyers are losing money. I do now feel that the only way you can protect yourself is by ignoring all Chinese sellers of assorted junk jewellery, artifacts and coins irrespective of their ratings.

 Summary and Conclusions

  1. Look at the seller's payment procedures
  2. Look at the seller's feedback and ask yourself whether it makes sense.
  3. Look at what they have bought and sold - can they possibly have the items they are offering for sale? If they have more than one of a rare item, they are almost certainly crooked
  4. Ignore one-day listings
  5. Ignore offers with unnecessary and cheap Buy It Now options
  6. Look at the background of the bidders. As a general rule the experienced ones can spot these frauds
  7. Do a search for the item on eBay - they are often still available for sale from the real seller
  8. Contact previous buyers to check out the seller
  9. Ask the seller for new pictures of the item or items for sale
  10. Simply, do not buy from any Chinese sellers, with the possible exception of a couple of photographic and hi-fi dealers
  11. Help other eBayers by reporting the fraud to eBay and by emailing the unwary bidders because eBay will ignore you

Finally, you can get bargains on eBay but ask yourself whether the bargain makes any sense to you before you part with your money.



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